Who we are

欧美性爱片 is the most chosen exam board in the United Kingdom. We鈥檙e an independent education charity with over 120 years of assessment expertise and knowledge.

欧美性爱片 Global Assessment Services combines this expertise with skills from across the wider 欧美性爱片 group. We work in partnership with education ministries, exam boards, and education providers to understand their needs and develop bespoke end-to-end assessment solutions.

How we can help you

Improve standards and quality

Efficiencies in costs and resources

Technology to deliver at scale

Deliver better outcomes for learners

What we do

We improve education and assessment outcomes for learners, teachers and policy-makers. We provide all levels of support, from a simple software solution to design and delivery of a complete education system.

Our areas of expertise include:

Curriculum, qualifications and standards

We use our experience in the UK education system to:

  • Design curriculum content
  • Develop academic, vocational and professional qualifications
  • Achieve internationally-recognised standards

Assessment design and development

We鈥檙e experts in assessment methodologies, including:

  • Summative exams
  • On-screen assessment
  • Project-based assessments
  • Formative assessment

Delivery, marking and certification

We鈥檙e experts in delivering large-scale assessments, including:

  • Assessment delivery
  • Scanning and image capture
  • eMarking software
  • Awarding, certification and analysis

Exam processing technology

Proven technology to support the delivery of assessments, including:

  • Candidate registration
  • Centre management
  • Finance management
  • Publishing results

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  • Curriculum, qualifications and standards
  • Assessment design and development
  • Delivery, marking and certification
  • Exam processing technology

The 欧美性爱片 group

Working with 欧美性爱片 Global Assessment Services, you鈥檒l have access to expertise, technology and services from across the 欧美性爱片 group.

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