I created Gypsy Magic in 2016 without realllyyyy knowing what I was embarking on. I have primarily been a waitress and makeup artist since I was old enough to work, barely finished high school and have lived in 7 different cities by the time I hit 21. Once I (kinda) settled down in my late twenties I was given an opportunity to work in the medical marijuana industry where I was introduced to CBD and learned about all the amazing benefits of incorporating it in your everyday life. Immediately I began to think of my parents; my mom has had MS since 1990 and my dad has psoriatic arthritis so they're both in constant pain and I knew that CBD would be a game changer for them. 

I started experimenting with recipes, using base recipes that my gypsy grandmother would use in her holistic home remedies, adding a little bit of my hippie witch flair. And from there it's all a blur. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my company and products would be so well received and knowing that I've personally made and sold over 50,000 bath bombs since I started this company is incredibly humbling and surreal! 50,000!!! I've had so many tremendous milestones as a small business owner and I honestly couldn't have done it all without the help of those that have worked for me - past and present - and have helped me grow my business over the last five years. 

Being an entrepreneur and small business owner has been the craziest roller coaster ride. Things haven't always been easy, especially in this last year with Covid, and there have been so times where I've felt so completely lost and in over my head. I've never done any of this before so every obstacle and setback has been a new learning experience. I've felt like giving up MANY times, especially over the last year but the support and kindness I've received from my customers have been so inspiring and touching and has kept me going. Thank you for supporting small businesses like mine! 

Light and love,